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What does responsible advertising look like?

23rd July 2018

GamCare will be taking part in the next KnowNow conference on Responsible Advertising for Gambling Operators in October.

Many of the people who contact GamCare for support mention that the volume of advertising for gambling activities is more and more noticeable, particularly on television, and that this is not particularly helpful to them.

However, alongside the question of what may or may not be an acceptable volume of gambling advertising, we also need to consider the content of advertisements, across a variety of platforms.

Many gambling operators are concerned about ‘getting things right’ when it comes to advertising their products and services – making sure that they don’t inadvertently harm players who may be experiencing issues with their gambling.

There is also a focus and drive to ensure that advertisements do not appeal to children; gambling in many forms is illegal for under 18s in the UK, and there is a recognised need for balance and context for young people – to help them understand the risks connected to gambling when they are legally allowed to do so.

Advertisers also have a responsibility to offer balanced messages. Gambling can be a fun activity for many, but in the majority of cases players will not walk away any richer than they started. It’s important to emphasise that gambling cannot be seen to solve all our problems; some people do win big once in a while, and that can be transformative, but nobody can bank on that. Gambling is a game of chance, and to tell people otherwise is wrong.

A key point to consider is also the presence of ads on other platforms outside of broadcast media, for instance social media, which are promoted by affiliates. Our Head of Industry Services is joining a panel at the next KnowNow Ltd conference in October to examine how affiliate marketers can ensure that social responsibility is at the front of their thinking when creating campaigns and attracting new customers.

This conference is designed to help gambling operators get to grips with the tools they need to understand the changing regulatory landscape around promotions and ensure that their marketing strategies are socially responsible. Find out more >>