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Surviving or Thriving?

11th May 2017

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, Catherine explores how we can thrive instead of simply surviving.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, the Mental Health Foundation have flipped the focus away from mental ill-health to exploring how each of us can cultivate good mental health and wellbeing.

This week is an opportunity to reflect on what we need to be able to thrive in our lives. For most people reading this, that is likely to be a different relationship with gambling, which in turn leads to a different relationship with the people around us, our careers, our general enjoyment of life.

Collectively, we have been surviving for centuries. Only now are we beginning to shine a light on how we can blossom and thrive.

According to a report released this week, nearly two-thirds of people say that they have experienced a mental health problem. In 2015/16, 35% of the people who contacted the National Gambling HelpLine told us that they were struggling with anxiety, stress or other mental health problems connected to their relationship with gambling.

A key element of counselling therapy, including the counselling GamCare provide, is helping you to understand yourself better, so that you can thrive.

As well as dealing with the practical elements of a compulsion to gamble, for instance dealing with debt or installing blocking software to limit your access to online gambling, you need to consider and face the emotional impact of a gambling problem, (just as true for friends and loved ones).

Counselling can help you understand how your compulsion developed, move past the underlying issues and find a brighter future where you can balance your emotional health better. We do believe that the process of recovery is ongoing, but if you don’t begin that process, you are never going to fulfil your potential and thrive.

For more information on our counselling services, click here, or call the National Gambling HelpLine to speak to one of our Advisers.