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Passport Technology Generously Supports GamCare

22nd March 2018

Payment solution company Passport Technology has generously donated over £14,000 to GamCare after matching each £1 of customer donations with 50p.

As an independent charity, donations are vital in extending GamCare’s work to minimise gambling-related harms in Great Britain.

Anna Hemmings, GamCare CEO, says: “We sincerely thank Passport Technology for leading the way for casino vendors in recognising the need to balance leisure time with informed choices about safe play. Our work to minimise gambling-related harms includes working with the gambling industry to ensure players are protected and can make safe choices about their gambling, as well as wider work on risk reduction and treatment for those affected by problem gambling.”

Passport Technology’s donation will help provide further resources, programmes and information for people affected by problem gambling across Great Britain, including friends and family members.

Donations are gathered through Passport Technology’s unique function allowing customers accessing cash to click to donate to a responsible gambling charity. Customers donated £9,383 in 2017, and Passport Technology further demonstrated their commitment to responsible gaming by matching every £1 donated with 50p, donating £14,074 in total.

Scott Dowty, Chairman of Passport Technology, says: "We are delighted by customers’ recognition they can be a part of the work of great charities. For most people, gambling is a fun and exciting way to enjoy leisure time and Passport Technology want people to enjoy it safely and responsibly. Our donation option is the first of its kind and we’re thrilled it's been embraced by people wanting to help others. GamCare is leading the way with their services and this is a vital opportunity for us to be able to help them reach more people in need of support.”