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How does GamCare Certification work?

17th May 2016

GamCare works directly with licensed land-based and online gambling operators to provide Social Responsibility Training and Certification. Our work aims to support implementation of robust player protection and social responsibility standards across the industry, to help minimise gambling-related harm.

GamCare Certification is a voluntary process of an independent audit assessment of the operator’s player protection measures and social responsibility standards, policy and practice. GamCare does not seek regulatory powers, and therefore does not assess anti-money laundering controls. Standards are measured in accordance with the GamCare Player Protection Code of Practice.

Should a failure in player protection or social responsibility controls come to our attention during the GamCare Certified term, we will re-engage with the operator to ensure that player protection measures are strengthened and continue to meet the standards set out in our Code of Practice.

Informed by our experience of problem gambling, the GamCare Player Protection Code of Practice is regularly reviewed to ensure that it remains at the forefront of player protection and incorporates sustainable measures designed to strengthen social responsibility policy and practice, thereby minimising the risk of gambling-related harm.

For more information about GamCare Certification and Training please click here.