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Finding the right motivation

17th March 2017

Fay thinks about how to maintain motivation when faced with triggers for problem gambling behaviour.

We all need some motivation every now and then. As American track and field athlete Jim Ryun says, “Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”.

There is undoubtedly an emotional involvement that reinforces a player to keep gambling. Winning is exciting, which is part of the appeal of gambling in the first place, and that buzz can be motivation enough to continue past your limits.

If someone reaches the point where gambling is impacting their life in a negative way, motivation to stop may be hard to find, and it’s sometimes even harder to hold on to.

There a many perspectives we can go through regarding motivation, and the emotional stimuli needed to give someone motivation they can sustain. For someone in the grips of a compulsion to gamble, the motivation to continue may outweigh the motivation to stop, even despite the sometimes catastrophic effects gambling is having on them and the people closest to them.

It could be that for the gambler, gambling activities offer a temporary sense of involvement and belonging. Gambling could give them a surge in happy feelings, something which could be missing in other areas of their lives, for whatever reason. A feeling of reward firing from one neuron to another will usually be remembered, despite actual losses.

GamCare’s specialist counselling services are designed to help you understand your gambling behaviour in context, and help you find the motivation to make a sustainable and healthy change for yourself. We know that the emotions which motivate you to gamble are powerful, and whether you want to limit yourself or stop completely, we can help you achieve that goal.

Find out more about our counselling services, and have a read of our Forum to hear from others who are trying to stay gamble-free.