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Bouncing Back Stronger

27th February 2017

Guest blogger Fay looks at how we develop emotional resilience, and how this can help manage a recovery from problem gambling.

As humans, having a steady stream of interactions with others can be extremely beneficial to our physical and psychological health. When we become distant from others, it can leave us anxious or even depressed.

Emotional resilience is the ability to be stretched by a tough situation and still recover with our sense of self intact. Being resilient does not mean we feel no pain – quite the opposite.

It means that you process the pain, you take your time, you are content with yourself and your efforts and you bounce back stronger. Social support can really increase our emotional resilience.

It’s ok if sometimes you need time alone, or you are in no mood to interact. It happens, it’s normal – we can’t be switched on for others all the time. But if you feel that overall you are less able to connect with others than you were, perhaps because gambling has begun to replace the interactions you had before, help is available.

Here at GamCare we offer you a safe place to process your emotions – good and bad – in relation to gambling and your life experiences. You are not alone on your journey – we have many ways to support you and help you connect again, without relying on gambling to fill the gaps.

We are here for you and those close to you, to help you discuss and explore where you are at in life, providing support and listening with empathy to anybody affected by gambling.

Our HelpLine, NetLine, Forum and counselling services can help you rebuild your network with a strong social support system, find your motivation and engage in activities that bring you meaningful interactions.

Find out more about how we can help you.