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Blue Christmas?

23rd December 2016

Catherine thinks about how those affected by problem gambling may approach the holidays.

Christmas is supposed to be fun, right? Heart- and cockle-warming, cosy and filled with laughter and joy. Right?

What if something has driven a rift in between you and your partner, because you were lying about how much you gamble? Say you’ve lost so much money your rent or mortgage is way behind and you risk losing the house?

Or what if you don’t have money to buy your kids any presents because you gambled it all away?

It’s not pretty, but it happens. Problem gambling occurs on a continuum. For one person, it may not be too serious, but for another it can shatter their life, and the lives of those closest to them.

Christmas can be one of the times that brings thoughts and feelings simmering under the surface to a head – for better, or worse.

It can also be very tempting to turn back to gambling as an escape from difficult situations, or with the slim hope of recovering losses in order to make everything ‘right’ again.

Have heart, though. Help is out there.

Our Advisers are trained to support you, and the National Gambling HelpLine is available every day of the year. They can give you practical and emotional support, and help you figure out what your next steps might be. Contact us anytime between 8am - Midnight for free on 0808 8020 133 or via web chat.

Our Forum is also available at any time if you would like to share your experiences, find support from others and perhaps even begin a recovery diary.

We wish you a happy and healthy Christmas, and we hope that the New Year will bring positivity and hope.