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For press enquires about GamCare's work or to speak to an expert on problem gambling and its effects please contact:

0207 801 7000

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Case studies

It can be very difficult for anyone to admit to or seek help for a problem with gambling, and we wish to encourage anyone concerned about gambling to contact us in complete confidence. Our services are confidential and we do not put any of our counselling clients in direct contact with media or press.

GamCare Statistics

GamCare’s statistics are derived from data provided by our virtual call centre, our online software platform and, most significantly, information disclosed by callers and clients.

They provide a useful snapshot of British problem gamblers and others affected. They do not measure the prevalence of problem gambling, or present a thorough analysis of problem gamblers and their behaviour. However, as they are published each year, they may indicate changes over time in the profile of problem gamblers who seek our help, and therefore prompt independent investigation and research.

For the latest GamCare figures and statistics visit our Annual Reviews and Statistics page

National Statistics

Until 2010 problem gambling data was captured through the British Gambling Prevalence Survey (1999, 2007, 2010).

Subsequently, questions on gambling participation have been included in the Scottish Health Survey (SHeS) and Health Survey England (HSE). The results of these surveys were published in September and December 2013 respectively. 

Following a headline findings report released in April 2014, the Gambling Commission published a full report in July 2014, which drew together and provided further analysis of the data from both surveys. 

Headline findings from the Scottish Health Survey 2013 were published in February 2015.

Further details are available on the Gambling Commission website at:



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