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This will not beat me again.

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Sun, 28/01/2018 - 07:52



For so many years ive been saying i want to quit and not meant it.
5 months ago however, i meant it. I had a reason to change. And for me 5 months without gambling was a massive achievement. May not seem much to others but for me it was huge. Theres been times where i havent thought about it for weeks.

Of course i caved in, (we all have bad days, but for some reason i caved) this friday to be specific. And for the first time since i started roulette, i put my phone down and thought to myself "what have i just done?!" Lost all my savings and wages and put my relationship on line. These last 2 days have been the worst.
I dont want to go through this again!

So this will be my outlet if i ever have that urge again (which im sure it will).
I know i need to stop. And i will stop. Onto day 3 i go! Itll be a long hard road and i hope everyone can keep this going as i will check in every few days!

This will not beat me again!

Posted on:
Sun, 28/01/2018 - 08:27

Little miss lost


Hi, sorry to hear that you've had an awful couple of days.
5 months is indeed an achievement, I think I've only just got past 3 months when I've previously tried to stop with will power alone.
You said you really want to stop and that you put your phone down so I just thought I'd say that I downloaded gamban to my phone. It costs around £10 for the year and you can add laptops etc for an extra fee. It blocks all gambling sites so even when those urges come, it's impossible to gamble. Well it is for me because I'm not technically minded and I'd rather stay that way if it keeps me gamble free!!
It hasn't interfered with anything else on my phone so personally, for me, it's been a godsend.
Well done for coming on the site. All good wishes for the future x