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[Sticky] on uploading photos and personal information  

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Dear Forum Members

The GamCare forum is a public space where content can be read by anyone in the world, at any time. While it can be a very supportive space, it’s also important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe when posting online.

A lot of members choose to post completely anonymously, which is fine and completely understandable. Others choose to be more open about who they are, perhaps in contrast to years of secrecy in gambling. GamCare don’t want to be prescriptive either way. However, it’s worth reflecting that there can be pitfalls to being open when online.

Personal information

Think carefully about posting details that might identify you and where you live, or contact details such as an email address.

On uploading photos

If you choose to use a photo of yourself on the forum, remember that that can identify you to anyone that reads your content. It’s worth thinking about this, especially as you may be writing about things you wouldn’t want to be made public to everyone that knows you.

Similarly, although using a photo of your loved ones might be very motivating to you in your recovery, it means they are also identifiable to the outside world in a way they might not welcome. If the photo includes your partner, you might ask them if it’s ok to use it. If it is a photo of your child, its worth considering how it might impact on them if someone was able to identify them.

If we feel the identity of another individual has been unduly compromised, we will remove posts and/or images.

Best wishes

Forum Admin

Posted : 17th December 2014 3:18 pm
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