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Time to stop for good

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Thu, 01/03/2018 - 12:46



Hello all, I am 46 years old and this is the 3rd time I am attempting to stop for good. First time was in 2007 after being declared bankrupt from gambling debts. I done well until 2014 then relapsed and managed to get in debt again on credit cards and a loan which I had to come clean to my wife and family about. My parents paid off these debts for me but I still had to pay them back £100 a month to pay them back which I have been doing and I also had counselling with gamcare which really helped. I then had problems at work with a colleague last year which was basically bullying which caused a lot of stress and unfortunately resulted in me taking out another loan and gambling secretly again and ending up on antidepressants for depression and not had a bet since November. I have again come clean about this and managed to pay the majority of it back with savings but am just so disappointed I got back to this situation. I have now been in touch with Breakeven and start counselling again on Monday, have also self excluded from sites and got wife to put parental lock on phone and iPad and she has all access to finances. If there is anything else people could think of I could do to help beat this addiction I would appreciate suggestions! Just never want to get in this place again. 




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Thu, 01/03/2018 - 13:39

Took a wrong turn


Hi Gary, you sound just like I was, I am 42 and have often turned to gambling through emotional turmoil etc etc, I used it to escape the reality which is life! You have told family so you are not alone, you have blocks, you are getting counselling and you are on medication, the only thing now is to just remain as strong as you can, start building up the gamble free days and just don't act on any urges. It is really only you that can stop, have as little money available to you as possible! My friend has just relapsed after 70 days losing 500, the concern for us is if we give in to temptation and relapse it spirals into a daily routine again where we lose thousands because we can't stop so the safest thing to do is to just not gamble at all.

You are not alone just use your diary each morning if you can because we all understand and can offer support.

All the best 


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Thu, 01/03/2018 - 13:55



Hi Gary, 

Im turning 28 in few weeks but been gambling since 21 and father is a compulsive gambler who has racked up nearly £120,000 in debt so i understand how hard it is to get over this addiction. 

I started my first diary on here 96 days ago and it has helped so much. Stick to the blocks you have put in place and try update on here as much as possible. I ordered a new debit card and my partner scratched off the security code so i can no longer deposit online,  that is what has helped me most. 

Good luck