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The day everything changed!!!  


Hi all , Just wanted to share a bit of hope and positivity during these difficult times. I have been a gambling addict for majority of my life im 28 now and from a young age loved going to the seaside on the fruit machines also owning several at home when growing up however this addiction got serious when i was around 21 and i soon spiralled completely out of control and ended up in huge amounts of debt over the years it had been a constant battle and huge self destructive behaviour. I was struggling massively to control my emotions and thoughts and seen life as just a black hole with no end result. My family were at the end of there wits end with me and i was so close to losing everything. However my mind was just full of pain and self hatred i never saw myself overcoming this huge burden which took a major hold of me as a person i do feel i hit rock bottom i had counselling several times and yes this helped but didnt help the true reasoning behind my actions my low self worth and bleak out look on life.. however i am getting to the silver lining as i was trying everything i deep down was scared id never get rid of the thoughts and feelings i had until i did and that day was the day i fount out i was pregnant my life changed in a instant and i can honestly say hand on heart i dont feel the urge or want to gamble ever since this has been the longest time in the last 7 years i have gone without gambling and now at 18 weeks everyday i feel more and more positive of my life to come my little miracle which saved me conpletely even though the world is in crisis and uncertainties are around and stress and triggers i still stay strong in this want to do right by my soon to be little girl .... i know not to be complacent and still to not have my guard down and be naive but my outlook and attitude on life is completely changed  before i thought i needed to gamble to cope but this was a cop out i wanted to gamble to get over the emotions i was feeling but this just was a vicious circle i feel i am well and truly out of now...  just wanted to share that with you guys tomorrow is a new day and there is always time for things to take a dramatic change for the better and i can tell you, you can stop this you just first need to want to ... a new day new beginnings xxx

Posted : 28th March 2020 11:52 pm

Hi Good story and i am pleased for you moving forward . Your pregnancy was the catalyst , that obviously is a major one for you to stop , but i have to remind you that you must never get complacent , i went two and a half months from oct 12 until dec 26th gamble free , paid bills got straight . then Boxing Day was depressed , gambled , did around 1 grand only stopped on the 11th of this month when all my work literally dried up . 

so i wish you all the best but never take it for granted . 

Posted : 30th March 2020 9:28 pm
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