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Nearing a year off  


Been nearly a year since my last gamble, it's been a hard cpl of years for many reasons and this year has been hard and strange for us all as well as testing. But I'm proud of my self for not letting myself get worked up and end up down the wrong paths like a used to with the unknown prospect of a job or regular money coming in. Both my self and partner work in hospitality so the uncertainty of our jobs is not good especially when we job bought a house and moved in 2 weeks before lock down. 

But as I said I'm nearing a year off gambling, the change in my life without it is incredible, happier, less fear and anxiety of talking about money or trying to hide things. 

Still seeing adverts on TV and social media and radio are annoying BC I don't want to see them but I don't get the same anxiety of seeing them anymore, I'm happy to have money to spend on things we need instead of trying to win it back BC I lost it all. 

I always say to those reading this, no matter who you are what walk of life your from gambling addictions affects us all just like this virus has. But with help of others and advice and support we can get over this addiction one day at a time.  

Posted : 27th June 2020 12:06 pm

Wow that's awesome nearly a year ! Think back to a year ago did you ever think that you could possibly do this ! I'm 23days today and reading posts like this gives me hope for the future. Well done keep it going if you can get through lockdown you can overcome anything,I'm sure you still have bad days and all those stupid adverts with the  daft slogan at the end don't help but there we are that's probably never going to change we just have to be resilient and grab the remote control lol. I'll echo that " one day at a time " best wishes 

Posted : 27th June 2020 1:05 pm

I'm so glad for you 

You sound like your happy and that's not something you normally see on the site, it sounds like from last year till now is chalk and cheese I'm so happy for you and it's great to hear a happy story you've just put a smile on my face keep up the good work your an inspiration

Posted : 27th June 2020 4:15 pm

Thanks for your kind words if encouragement. It's much appreciated, and especially helpful to know a small happy story can help cheers others up and inspire too 

Posted : 28th June 2020 10:49 am

Congratulations. To think about all that cash in YOUR account that would otherwise be sitting in a gambling corporation's account somewhere must make you very proud.

Posted : 16th July 2020 11:03 am

It is great to have that money and not them. But what's better than that is knowing we have money as a family to do things or buy something we need for the house instead of making up reasons why I don't want that. It's like a sense of freedom yet I still don't take things for granted and know how easy it is to slip up but I am determined never to slip again 

Posted : 18th July 2020 10:59 am
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