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Hi, I'm now on my 100th day gambling free! I struggle a little with filling my time, doing a lot of reading news stories, listening to more music, watching youtube videos.  Learnt quite a lot about investing, but don't want it to become my new gambling avenue, so I'm wary of trading individual shares for example, but funds should be alright.  I've actually put quite a lot in standard savings accounts already.  Someone asked before why did I choose 6 months self-exclusions, was I planning to go back to gambling after that, the answer is a resounding no!  I've taken back control of my finances from a family member, which felt great when that happened.  I've had the dreams about slot machines others have mentioned, and I don't enjoy watching football quite as much as before, and hate the betting adverts plastered everywhere, but withdrawal symptoms surprisingly light considering almost all my free time and money was devoted to gambling before, mainly online and land casino blackjack, with a bit of roulette thrown in, but of course I ended up doing a bit of everything including poker, FOBTs (even after the £2 limit) and horse racing and football betting, not to mention the lottery (I don't even do that now).  Sorry I've not contributed here, I've read articles every few days but never especially inspired to say anything until today.  Stay strong everyone, and what I would suggest is you should do what works for you, we are all different (for example, GA is not for me, and yes I've been along to meetings in the past but didn't like it, and that doesn't matter).

Posted : 15th January 2021 10:13 pm
Lou x

Hi steve thanks for posting..well done on your 100 100 days gf today so a day after you 🙂

I can relate to what your saying GA also isnt for me but thats why their is many options available. Everyone is different  personally i have found gamcare in its self effective gamstop and getting blocks in place

Lou xx 

Posted : 16th January 2021 10:12 pm
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