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It's a hard road  


To travel, everyday is a either a smooth road you travel along with no problems, or 1 the council hasn't fixed for years and is a struggle to walk on.

I've been traveling for nearly 2 years after spending all my life gambling and its a road that's got to be traveled on for the rest of my life.

I have achieved so much in my non gambling time, my relationship is better than ever although he's always weary and asking if I'm OK and not gambling. He has axcess to all my finances and gives me a weekly allowance, I would strongly recommend if you can to do this to everyone traveling on this unpredictable road.

I own jointly 2 property's have savings, money in my purse, and best of all no horrible hidden secrets which is a real burden to carry as you all know.

We both did counciling I'd strongly recommend, we both cryed a hell of a lot which I'd recommend, and talked in depth which I'd strongly recommend.

I believe the key to a gf life is it has to come from within you really really need to not want this drug in your life anymore, and if you slip it's obviously not your time, but you will get to that point when slipping is no longer what you do.

My turning point was loosing a good man, a good life, and far to many years being a slave to this legal acceptable drug we call gambling.

If I can any1 can but you got to really want a gf life

Thanks for reading and good luck on your own roads


Posted : 31st January 2019 4:27 pm

Wow, this is a great motivation for me as a newbie not to quit and keep my head up, i love this

Posted : 5th February 2019 4:45 am
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