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its been a few months now since i placed my last ever bet. The recovery started like any other : slow, steady and difficult. I first started gambling when i was 18 on football and transitioned into online casino gambling soon after. At first it was the same as many lads my age it was fun. Then it got out of control. It be came apparent to me i was in self denial of my addiction from having a poor perception of what a problem gambler looked like. The truth is a problematic gambler can be anyone in any situation. I come to a crossroads with this self denial in a pretty blunt way and confessed to some friends i was struggling. They were nothing but supportive and even lent me money to get back on my feet. Over my recovery period i made it a mission to save money and swap my gambling for a healthy hobby. My two goals which i have successfully achieved. I saved enough money to go on holiday as a reward given the worlds a little bit back to normal and i have started working on myself in many ways. I am posting this for anyone who is struggling and comes to the success stories section to gain inspiration for their own journey. I am a 21 year old who was addicted to gambling for 3 years of my life i spent so much money and dug myself into a hole and it could of ended very badly. I came to terms with who i was and got help. Many young people suffer in silence with this ruthless addiction and dont speak up for worry of embarrassment and shame. That little bit of shame can save your life and turn it around. Coming out to my friends and family was one of the hardest things i have done but 4 months on i am so much better off. I definitely still think about gambling as it ruled my life for so long and them what if thoughts definitely creep up on me. But now since i have freed myself from the grips of gambling its become a passing thought and not a burning desire. If your starting your recovery or well into it keep going your doing so well even if its one day or 100 every single day is a milestone. I urge anyone who is reading this who is battling this addiction to speak up or Atleast think weigh up if that little feeling of excitement is worth the hours of regret. I am with you and were all going through the same journey here. I hope whoever reads this is well and has had a lovely Christmas 

thanks for reading.


Posted : 28th December 2020 12:10 am

Hi Mate

Thank for your sharing your story, really strong of you to admit the problem and can’t argue with anything you have said, like you mentioned, a problem gambler will be in denial until you realise what a problem gambler looks like.

You’re young and have so many years ahead so keep that control and stay strong!

Posted : 28th December 2020 3:54 pm
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