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I’m now nearly 9 months gambling free and life is so much better, I don’t have to worry about letters dropping through the door or threatening phone calls due to debt. I told my wife everything that was going on and thankfully she stood by me and together with trust and honesty we have got through the bad times and are now beginning to see the start of the good times. If you are struggling there is so much help out there and you can beat these addiction but you have got to want to do it for yourself and with the support of loved ones you can beat this and then have a lovely life and look forward to the future with hope and not dread.

Posted : 21st September 2020 6:39 am

Lovely Post Gary48!

It is about reaching out for help and a true serenity that can only come from openness and honesty in dealing with it.

When a gambler is ready to stop, loved ones can help by following the tried and trusted advice.

Life does get better when gamble free and I feel it can make relationships stronger with communication and a new bonding.

I never want full trust again. What I want is to keep being honest with my loved ones knowing I can never be complacent about it again.

All the very best to you!


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Posted : 21st September 2020 10:03 am

Awesome ! nice story i'll try to gambling free on facebook 🙂 

Posted : 30th September 2020 9:45 am
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