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DMP is the best thing I’ve done to stop gambling.  

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Hi, seems a strange thread this. I have set up a DMP with Stepchange charity and there is no fees.

I stopped gambling after being found out 6 months ago and registered with Gamstop, put a blocker on my phone, got my Bank to stop all gambling transaction and Gamcare arranged counselling for me. All these helped with my recovery and Stepchange took a lot of stress out of the whole situation by managing my payments to my credit cards. I contacted them all myself and they were glad I had turned to Stepchange for help and have accepted the payments and frozen any interest charges.

To me gettingback only wants to share his story and how helpful the DMP has been with no ulterior motive, just my opinion

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Posted : 8th December 2020 4:07 pm

No worries- it’s a really emotive topic, I get it. 


I’ve just read some reviews and I can see why you’d have concerns. I’m just one person with my own experience. 

Like other people said, you don’t need to use a company if you want a DMP you can contact your creditors yourself and ask them to freeze interest and charges. 

I’m actually probably going to make payment arrangements at the end of the year directly, because Payplan can take a week to process and distribute your monthly payments. If you do it directly it usually only takes a day. 

My main point is setting up payment plans and making progress on my debts has been so helpful.

from the reviews I’ve now read not every has a good time with Payplan so figure out what works for you. So my experience is not guaranteed.


Take care 

Posted : 8th December 2020 4:11 pm

Yes I am sorry.

Ive seen your wording and have an anti vibe to some of these debt management people. Maybe thats my hang up but to be fair you can see some of the bad reviews I was reading. 

Whether they try and sell services which are not free is debatable.

As you say people can make their own minds up but debt is a stressful situation and can lead to rash decisions.

Ive got a bit wound up. Honestly I thought you were a company representative but I should have looked when you joined. I have apologised

Anyway Im glad things are working out for you and Id rather talk about your recovery

Best wishes 

Posted : 9th December 2020 3:08 am
Lou x

I agree, i have a DMP, mine is  with stepchange and its been so helpful. I am also finding my way cutting through debts with them and it saves stress as they contact your creditors for you. They are charity based too 🙂 

Lou x  

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Posted : 9th December 2020 5:50 pm
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