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Day 342 - One vice for another.  


Good morning all.. 

Bells here. 

Day 342 that's 11 months plus.. Not gambled. Infact can't online as gamstop stopped that.

My new buzz is shopping. I am saving up got over 6k saved but I do love the spend. Not as much as receiving the parcels.. That bit bores me. Its the excitement of finding a discount code. 

But.. Can only buy enough to fit in a small property and I now have beautiful home. With very modern furniture and finishings.

I have rigged out the hobby room, I have started a small hobby business selling personalised vinyl decals. 

Friday night I decided enough was enough. Gambling I stopped but the vices got swapped. And that has to stop to. I also putting on a few extra pounds, I gave up SW found it boring. 

I would highly recommend the gamcare counselling, Kim who use to ring me every Tuesday was absolutely worth her weight in gold. Really loved chatting to her each week. 

My brothers birthday and I went to the kiosk and bought 10 scratch cards and put them all in his card, he said willpower would have got the better of him. 

How is everyone doing? 

This topic was modified 10 months ago by ChasingRainbows
Posted : 28th September 2019 2:54 am

Well hello !

Nice to hear how you're doing.

All's well with me.

Posted : 28th September 2019 2:53 pm
Forum admin

Dear @chasingrainbows


so pleased to see you back, and so pleased to hear how well you are doing. Very glad also that the GamCare treatment support helped, we will try and pass on your feedback to Kim and the partner service.

Glad to hear you are investing in yourself and in your home. Spending money you can afford and that you budgeted for is a good thing, as long as you spend it on things that will make you feel good, and will benefit you. If you now have a home that you find beautiful and makes you feel happy and proud, it's money well spent.

Nice to hear about your new business venture, wishing you all the very best with that.

Well done for all your hard work all in all.

Keep up the good work and let us know how you get on from time to time. 

All the best,


Forum Admin

Posted : 28th September 2019 10:35 pm

Well Done you day 15 gf for me early days but I've snuff of gambling I also come on here to keep me busy I'm struggling to block my phone though keep trying but think I might have to telephone them

Posted : 29th September 2019 12:03 am
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