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225 Days Gamble Free!  


Hey all, it’s been a while yet again since I logged in. I just can’t believe how “easy” my last 225 days have been (I say that lightly) and as much as I wished I’d blocked myself from gambling a long time ago, i’m just so grateful that I am where I am now. Somewhere I never thought I’d be.

So my bank balance is looking healthier, bills paid on time, and my credit score gradually improving. 

I’ve been focussing on what I can do to get myself in a better position for things like getting a mortgage and generally being more financially stable in the future.

I wondered if having a gambling freeze on my bank account (that has been open since 2006) will affect how banks / lenders look at me? 



D x


Posted : 13th April 2021 8:20 pm


Hey @d1994 massive accomplishment really cool... hats off to you nice one.

Your chosen Block may(banks etc ....say not but i don't believe them personally) affect the deal you get with your current bank/bank you have block with.. interest rate(risk)

But you can always go to another mortgage provider (were they will not have that information and will assess on the below only)

All about your credit score/how you've managed finances over say last 6 months,

How much deposit you have/ your income/available money. 

hope this helps your amazing quest

all the best


Posted : 14th April 2021 11:53 am
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