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100 Days Tomorrow  


Just over 3 months ago if it was not for the quick action of my family & the emergency services I probably wouldn't be here to share my story with you however tomorrow I make it to 100 days gambling free. Its taken me nearly 30 years of addiction, lies & deceit to reach this point and I wouldn't have made it here without the support of many people who I will never really know how to thank enough, most importantly my wife, also my kids, my mom, my dad & other family members. Even those who are not family who just listened to my story for 15 minutes will never realise how much the lending their ear has helped me. Also those who supported my wife while she worried over us, supported & continues to support me have been invaluable. My support counsellor and the Gamcare community have played a big part in me reaching this milestone. I hope people close to me are beginning to see the real me emerge from the haze of the last few years. "Sorry" is a word easily expelled however I'm starting to realise that actions provide the biggest apology. So for now I'll try to continue changing behaviour one day at a time. The only advice I can give to those starting their recovery journey is "be open, talk & share" with others. People will surprise you.

Posted : 13th November 2020 7:56 pm

Hi hawkeye, that was spoken from the heart, it's hard to be so open and truthful about our failings. "The truth will set you free" is a saying for so many situations but is very apt for compulsive gambling as the addiction absolutely thrives on lies and secrets. The best way for you to thank people is to stay well and stay gamble free you have done very very well to go from despair to 100days gamble free. I know it's not easy but it's so worth it isn't it. Keep going day by day and be kind to yourself

Posted : 13th November 2020 8:34 pm
Forum admin

Good evening Hawkeye,

Thank you for your update and congratulations on your 100 days gamble free.

It's always great to read such posts, as well as allowing us to share in your good news, it provides such a great insight to others, especially those at the beginning of their GF journey. It does give hope and show that as you mention that through being open, talking and sharing as well as taking the support available that recovery is achievable. 

So congratulations and please do keep posting and keep us updated.

Best wishes


Forum Admin


Posted : 13th November 2020 9:51 pm

Thanks (@charlieboy) much appreciated 

Posted : 14th November 2020 6:28 am

Congrats on 100 days - great milestone to hit! Keep going and keep strong!

Posted : 14th November 2020 1:24 pm
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