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Smiling again...

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Tue, 11/09/2018 - 21:18



Hi all

I'm not gonna sit here and tell everyone how many months/years I've been gambling free because It hasn't been months or years here's my story.

I'm 29 years old and up until a year and 2 months ago i had never gambled.

I was working away from home when it started, I was bored sitting in my hotel room and I seen an offer on social media for a gambling site and that's when I first entered the dark horrible world of gambling.

The slots are what got me, my deposits started low my first was £20 which went up too £50 and then £100. Over the course of a year I was gambling every single day I would sneak off in work and hide in the toilet to gamble. I would sit in the corner of a room whilst at family parties and gamble, I would lock myself in my room most nights and gamble till 4 and 5 in the morning knowing full well I had work the next day.

I work 180 hours a week and almost every single penny i earnt would be gone in a matter of hours.

There were some nights I would blow 90% of my wages in a single night around 1,300. I would cry myself to sleep most nights knowing i wouldnt be able to survive the week let alone the month i would lye there hating myself my life and what I had become.

I would lend money off family, friends and my partner. I maxed out my credit card and would sell my own belongings just to fund my habit. I missed payments on my car. Wow the slots had me like I never thought would be possible in such a short amount of time. I of course repeatedly self excluded myself off sites but there was always more sites waiting. I even sold my i phone and brought a Samsung specifically to download gamban but it was easy to just reset the device and carry on gambling.

Around 2 months ago I discovered gamstop and signed up instantly. I can honestly say I have never looked back yes of course the urges are still there from to time but no matter how big the urge is I cannot gamble online. Initially I tried I remember one night I was searching for around 3 hours but every single site had blocked me so I give up.. I tried on a few occasions but after hours of searching I put down my phone and carried on with my night. I don't even bother wasting my time trying anymore.

My credit card is no longer maxed out, my friends, family and partner have been paid back. I brought my mom something nice for her birthday and I have money in my bank account which I haven't had in over a year. I haven't cried In 2 months, I haven't hated myself and I haven't lied. Instead I have smiled and laughed, treated myself and those closest to me. I have spent time with my friends and family without being glued to my phone. I no longer feel numb and like I'm in constant pain. I can't tell you how happy I am and the truth is I've never felt so rich. Yes it's early days but I am confident I have the old me back. I honestly believe gamstop has saved my life.

Having a gambling problem is and will always be the worst invisible illness I have ever felt or been through. It leaves nothing but sadness, debt and fear in your life on a 24 hour basis. It really does ruin people's lives. In the space of 14 months I lost the best part of 18 grand. I remember when I used to think how can gambling be a problem? You just stop gambling. Wow how naive was I.

If you're an online gambler please sign up to gamstop and I promise you'll never look back.

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Sat, 15/09/2018 - 16:08



Wow what a brilliant success story Ibelieve you've come into recovery, no looking back if you do don't stare, just enjoy that feeling of richness everyday not thinking about whether you can get some more money for nothing because lets face it, we don't need money, extra money for nothing, if u work or try to get work you can live a nice life irrelative of how much money is in ur bank account. A very good read this has made my day, adam

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Mon, 29/10/2018 - 12:39



How do I get gamstop?

Posted on:
Mon, 29/10/2018 - 21:41

Forum admin


Hi S92R,

This is the link.  Hope this helps and if you need any other advice that isn't answered here, please do feel free to contact an Advisor on either the HelpLine 0808 8020 133 or netline.  

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Mon, 29/10/2018 - 22:20



Gamstop is excellent! I’d like to know how you worked 180 hours a week though!!!


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Thu, 15/11/2018 - 12:59



GAMSTOP is really great. It is helping me to improve my life.