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So here I am day 65 gamble free ( all stops In place and no urge to gamble.) Managed longer before this but had issues with putting the stops in place. Basically gambled once in 8 months today super proud. Prior to this I had gambled almost every day for most of my adult life if I wasn't gambling I was racking up credit. I have a lot of debt but just been paying what I can each month and everything is slowly coming down. Also realised that I don't want any credit once all this is done. I feel like gambling and spending money was a coping mechanism for now which has been diagnosed as PTSD. Had a job change due to covid which has hit finances with a wage reduction but trying to find the positives. I am generally more relaxed and less anxious than I have ever been. For those who are just starting out on your journey please stay strong it's a tough road ahead but the changes ive seen in myself are incredible.

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Posted : 10th June 2020 2:06 am

I feel for you my friend 

I've had Ptsd for over 20yrs and totally understand how you feel and how impulsive you can be due to the illness. For the past 5yrs I've been bad and not been able or allowed to work due to the amount and strength of medication I'm on, but without it I can be all over the place,  meds don't sort everything but definitely helped me with anger. Hope your coping ok with Ptsd. I  feel proud that you've got employment but sorry your wage has went down hopefully all is well my friend and if you ever want to talk about Ptsd I'm here

Posted : 10th June 2020 8:45 pm
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