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Day 456 gf

Well, not been on here for a while, felt it was taking over my mind a little too much and happy to say the break has been refreshing.

Delighted to be gamble free still but its always there, always in my thoughts and unfortunately the urges are still there but more controllable.

My finances are still a complete mess but as im a stay at home mum I knew this road was going to be a very long one! I hate myself for not being able to say yes to my kids more, for not being able to take them on holiday and the feeling of letting my family down. I love them and that is something I know i can give them in spades. 

My husband is as supportive as ever but sometimes when we talk about things we would like to do I can see the flicker of disappointment in his eyes when we know they probably wont happen, it makes my heart break.

I'm still giving this journey my all and I have come such a long way from where I started so for that I'm grateful.

Always. Keep. Fighting.

D xx 

Posted : 11th September 2019 4:40 pm
Page 9 / 9
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