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there are over 2019 reasons to not gamble this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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Many thanks for posting on my diary Adam. 

I have noticed that you lead a varied and full life but do seem to be missing playing poker in the pub with your friends. 

I could suggest joining a choir, going to dance classes (where you will meet some nice ladies) or have fun and make friends at a drama group. However, they might not appeal to you so I won't mention them.

It is your recovery and only you know what is in your best interests and what will bring you the happiness and contentment that you deserve.

Take good care of yourself and remember that life can be a great adventure with opportunities to have fun whilst exploring the world around you.

If you happen to meet a lady called Eve and she offers you an apple, please don't eat it. Last time that happened it caused a lot of upset.


Redeemer x 


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Posted : 18th September 2019 12:11 am
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