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Day 16 GF, I have lots of spare time now I’m trying to give up gambling, I used to spend hours studying form, now I’m thinking am I doing the right thing giving up. It’s the first time after payday in a long time  I’ve actually still got money left in the bank and I even got a food shop. Can’t say it’s getting any easier after 16 days GF because it’s not! I’m wanting to gamble but so far I’m not, Gamstop is saving me from starting gambling again. 

Posted : 11th September 2019 9:13 am

Hi, the urges from stopping previously don't go away easy. Im only on day 3 GF but more determined than ever to beat the gambling demons. Eradicate every form of gambling including lottery & scratch cards and leave you card at home with someone you trust and carry minimal cash and a credit card you can only make purchases on and not withdraw money.

Also put stop sin places, gamstop, SENSE and self exclude. Turn that free time into time putting blocks in place then once this is done use that time to do something proactive & productive rather than destroy yourself and your bank balance.

All the best.



Posted : 11th September 2019 9:53 am

Having time and having money is good. It's normal. It's what most sensible people enjoy most of the time.

But yes, it can feel a bit odd to begin with, and if it does, it is only because the gambling messed up our outlook and our behaviours.

I found decorating was a big help, with big rewards in terms of satisfaction, and the outlay was nothing compared to an hour or two on slots. I have also de-cluttered and de-junked and got my financials in order (although I am not out of the woods yet) and everything feels much better.

Someone on here once wrote an excellent post on all the things that we left neglected during the preoccupation with gambling, and they suggested that addressing some of those was a good way to use the extra time. If I can find it, I'll put it on here later.



Posted : 11th September 2019 10:48 am

A post very relevant to us all on here.

look at it as a good thing, it’s what normal folk do.

its what you want, to be normal, free of this disease? However it will always tempt you for life, fill your life full of good things, use the spare time and money to reinvent your life in truth.

we all want to get to having spare money and spare time but for us it spells danger, it always will.

Posted : 11th September 2019 12:49 pm
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