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So I've reached 139 days GF and I am beginning to notice some changes in myself. I have so much more patience in general, i'm not eaten up by anger and resentment and I think i'm becoming a lot more comfortable in my own skin. 

I'm continuing to take my meds and I haven't had a dark dog day in quite a while now. The only issue that I currently have is that i'm spending a bit too much money on E-bay. I try and justify it by telling myself that I deserve the odd occasional treat but even I have to wonder why I purchased a pair of M&S mens vegan brown boots? My wife trusts me with a credit card with a small limit on it and I make my purchases and then clear it each Saturday from my wages from my PT job. I figure this will help me to improve my credit rating too as i'm currently paying a lot more than the minimum amount. 

My wife gets my entire wages paid into her bank account and pays back what I owe and then has the rest of the money for anything else that's needed. even with paying back what I owe financially we are in a far better place. At least she's guaranteed some money where as before it cam in dribs and drabs if at all. I honestly don't know why I didn't do this long before.. The peace of mind that goes with knowing the bills are paid and the family have most of what they need is better than any stupid FOBT jackpot. 

Life is good at the minute, I have the babysitter booked for tomorrow evening. my wife and I are out for a meal and a few drinks. on the 24th i'm going to watch The Strokes play in Belfast and am even treating myself to a cheap room in a nice hotel. I'm meeting a few friends and we'll enjoy a few pints. These are things I would have agreed to do before hand and then had to pull out at the last minute as I had no money, go and watch every single penny I spent because I was skint or if i'd won and was flush act the big man and splash the cash around me when i'd countless payday loans to cover and was in a mountain of debt. 

There's something nice just being on an even emotional keel. true I don't get the highs but I never get the lows, the anxiety, the heart palpitations, the guilt, the anger, the lost time either. 

Anyway, I hope someone reads this and can take the positives out of it. remember things can and will get better. 

My name's Johnny and for today I will not gamble. Take care and god bless. 

Posted : 14th February 2020 11:21 am
Forum admin

Dear @henryhall6982,

Thank you for your post, it was wonderful to read. Well done on the amazing progress that you have made, it's wonderful to read how you life, health and happiness has transformed and that you feel life is good at the minute.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story and gamble free lifestyle, it's truly inspiring.

Enjoy your lovely plans and your child free evening with your wife tomorrow.

Sending you all the best.

Kindest Regards


Forum Admin



Posted : 14th February 2020 11:44 am

Congrats on the progress Henry! I've just made a year myself. That will come around quickly for you I can promise that... just stick with it and things will get easier and easier. 


Posted : 14th February 2020 12:26 pm

Thanks Admin and Dave for those kind words. You know I couldn't have made it without this wonderful site and the fantastic people on it. Drama Llama, Murlo, countless others that would take me all day to mention. I come onto this site religiously each day. I read countless members diaries and take inspiration from each entry.

Excellent work on reaching the year mark Dave. I have it in my mind that i'll take my family and the people in work that have helped me through this out for a meal on me and personally thank each and every one. My Mum, Wife and Dad especially. that's the dream anyway and i'll hopefully keep knocking the days off until September 28th.

Posted : 14th February 2020 1:09 pm

That's so good to hear@henryhall6982.   I will get my son to read this as it is so positive to read and see that it can be done and that you are realising life is so much better without the gambling.     Best wishes 

Posted : 14th February 2020 4:39 pm

142 Days GF, getting closer to the half a year mark, one day at a time as I can't afford to get complacent. 

Went out for a lovely indian meal with my wife on Saturday evening. I drove and my wife had a few wines but it was a lovely evening. just nice to relax and have some adult time. So I bought us a saving tin yesterday and with the intention that we put any spare £1 and £2 coins into it and then we can have a family treat at some point this year. 

Its nice to have stuff to look forward to and not be worrying about how i'm going to be able to afford it. Probably one of my most recent regrets is that one of my closest mates was getting married in London and a crowd of us were travelling over for his big day. I went and blew a fortune gambling the day before and practically left myself with nothing to spend during the course of the weekend. I couldn't enjoy my mates big day because I was counting every penny I had. I've countless similar stories to tell. I don't think I've ever been or did something and not worried about money. Gambling doesn't just take your time and money. it robs you of opportunities, chances and happy memories. 


Anyhow, I hope everyone is keeping well and here's to another GF day. My name is Johnny and I have a gambling addiction, today I will not gamble. 


Take care and god bless. 

Posted : 17th February 2020 9:09 am
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