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Repeat rock bottoms . Is the solution to be angry at losses?  


I read alot here about the surprise of hitting rock bottom yet again. In many posts people have been at the bottom so many times that they lose count. I will ask you if you can stop chemical reactions like dopamine flowing in your brain? Can you turn them of? Most of you will say no wich means that rock bottoms can be hit at any paycheck, at any influx of money or wealth that can set a new trigger to go again. There is no brain computer that will say STOP. Our subconsious is not designed that way. But you can learn new things that will steer you of your current path. You can micro learn new things that will turn your ship. 

If you can learn to get furious at a loss of for ex 5 pounds to the point of being disgusted with yourself you may actually teach yourself to close your laptop or walk out of bookies etc. Why am I saying this? Well we are so primed to shut of our selves when we go into the playing mode or zone that we are first designed to wake up when the money is totaly gone. And it will not help you to get worked up about tings when you step out of that bubble you need to get worked up before you go into it. Any change of direction in your life must allways be done before the damage happend not after its done. So the idea here is try and learn to vigorously protect your cash before. Get angry when you loose five pounds. Rage if you must but do it at 5 not 500.

And if that five pounds helps you to walk away use it on something else. Give yourself a reward and teach your brain to be different. One bit at the time.



Posted : 23rd October 2021 7:41 am

Im interested to learn more about the brain chemical side gambling impacts and if it can lead to further problems, as I've been suffering mental health problems myself for a while. In social situations in crowds I am a complete mess

Posted : 23rd October 2021 12:13 pm

Well dopamine is the chemical we have an issue with. It is the learning chemical also known as the s*x drugs and rockenroll chemical.  That is among other things what keeps you completely focused on the game you play. Or simplify. HAve you ever had a craving for chocolate and gone in to get one? Well that is a small dopamine spike that you get that creates that. But when that dose of dopamine starts to become imbalanced then it is hard to get it balanced again and for some it will have a lasting change on who we are. However. We are all slightly addicted to one thing or another so you are not unique in that way is is just good to know that we all serve our dopamine levels. Some more than others and if you know that you can look at everyday behaviour as a next step in getting better.



Posted : 25th October 2021 11:41 am
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