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Recovery and healing  


Day 10 of my gambling recovery. The amounts I have lost is insignificant. It's the precious time with family that is what really bothers me.

This is something I am going to update to remind myself how much better my life is without gambling. I now feel it's not just a case of I can't gamble it's a case of I don't want to gamble. And that is strange because before I have always refrained because I know I have to but always feel I was making a huge sacrifice and giving up a true pleasure. However after some thought and a good read of Allen Carr's how to quit gambling I now feel all I am missing out on is misery. Feeling very positive at the moment, I know I am not suddenly cured by a book and a magic wand but everyone must start somewhere.

Day 10 and lots more happy days to come.

Posted : 4th December 2017 2:31 pm

Well done Scott. You are right we all have to start somewhere and starting to see our gambling habits for what they really do to us helps us take the necessary steps to put the blocks into place to stop us gambling.

Keep racking up the days and things will get clearer. All the best =)

Posted : 4th December 2017 8:35 pm
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