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Over 3000 Days  


Hi, all, well it has been over 3000 days since I have quit gambling and after looking back at some of the previous stuff I have posted it is amazing how quickly it has come. There have been ups and downs in the early stages but over the last few years it has been going great. Rarely get any urges to gamble anymore.

I am always busy with other stuff and I sometimes wonder how I had so much time before to gamble. This year I have been working out a lot at the gym, working in general and reading a lot more books.

I am hoping I can give people the feeling that it is possible to quit gambling and get on with your life. Its over 8 years now since I quit and believe me there is no going back. Gamcare helped me for over 8 years and I would recommend this site to anyone. I do hope to be a sponsor someday as I believe I can help, but we will see what happens.

I am hoping I can get back into the chat rooms again as I used to use that in the evenings so hopefully I might see you there.

I wish everyone the best.

Posted : 26th August 2018 5:06 pm
Forum admin

Hi Beany,

Well done for coming back to post your achievement into our forum, and a big Congratulations to you on achieving 8years of a gamble free life!

Also glad to know you’re enjoying life without any urge to gambling. Keep going, and never look back!

It also a good thing that you intend to give something back to help other forum members who might be struggling with their gambling problem, and that’s positive thing to do too.

I’m glad to read that our forum gave you the necessary support and platform to help with your recovery.

Little steps becomes big steps, so keep up the good work, Beany!

Best wishes,


Posted : 27th August 2018 10:49 pm
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