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Milestones - 7 Days  


1 Day, 7 Days (1 Week), 10 Days, 31 Days (1 month), 100 Days, 183 Days (6 months), 200 Days,

365 Days (1 year), 500 Days, 548 Days (18 months), 730 Days (2 Years), 913 Days (2 1/2 Years), 

1000 Days (add to the list of milestones):  I'm targeting 10,000 days and beyond.

Key: Bold writing - completed milestones.

        Bold and underlined writing - current milestone at time of posting

         Normal writing - future milestones

My aim: Appreciate the monies I have and fulfil more of my potential without gambling.

Posted : 8th August 2020 10:15 am

Right goal is 31 days! I’ve done 7 which is a start! 👍🏼

Posted : 9th August 2020 4:51 pm

Class. Great to hear. Could be a good idea to write down how you felt during the 31 days. Good feelings and bad feelings, let's be honest we are all here because we enjoy the moment of betting, it's 'fun' and 'a buzz' but the consequences are dire, they really are. You could make your next target 40 days, if you feel strong enough, all the best

Posted : 9th August 2020 4:59 pm
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