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lesson learnt x  


so I’ve been on and off this site for quite a few years now. I finally thought I had done it I joined gamstop last year and can honestly say it was the best year of my life! It changed me. I’ve had luxury holidays with my wonderful fiancé. Weekends away. Cocktails with friends and shopping trips all things I couldn’t do before due to gambling.

i joined gamstop for a year this come to a end a week ago and me being stupid thought I would be ok and went through the process of  coming off the register I can’t believe I was so stupid to do this. I won’t bore you with details but a gambling addiction really doesn’t go away. 

I am so not proud of my actions however the person I was four years ago would of buried my head in the sand and struggled through till the next pay day and then done the same thing again. 

I have now joined gamstop for five years and vow never to make the same mistake again I’ve come to terms with the fact I have an addiction and it doesn’t just go away. 

I’m not willing to throw all the nice things I had while I couldn’t gamble away because I work hard and deserve nice things. 

I’m laying in bed while writing this next to the most amazing person I could ever wish to have in my life and I will not let this beat me.

i slipped up I am not proud of my actions but I’m proud that I now know what life should really be like. I will put my love ones through the pain ever again. 

I refuse to feel that feeling of being sick to my stomach and not being able to sleep. 

Heres to the next chapter and to anyone reading this please sign up to gamstop. 

Posted : 27th July 2019 12:09 am

Hi lostsoul,

Well done for recognising you've a problem, coming back here & committing to a 5 year exclusion. The next step is recognising what's gone is gone & you ain't never gonna win it back. The alternative is the CHASE trying to win it back and eventually selling your soul to the gambling industry. Each morning when you wake up tell yourself JUST FOR TODAY I WONT GAMBLE.The gf days, weeks & months will fly by believe me.

Stay Strong, The Future's Bright 



Posted : 27th July 2019 12:48 am

Thank you for the reply! I’m determined to do it. With gamstop in place I can’t even if I want to I don’t go to betting shops or do scratch cards and they don’t appeal to me. Really excited for my future in the first time in forever thanks for your kind words x

Posted : 27th July 2019 9:53 am
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