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I stopped gambling on 10th of June.  Out if ten years I got to day 30 and was having a bad day.  Old ways whispered in my ear and went into there.  I managed to win enough by  some miracle and walked out.  I just can't believe I was stupid enough to go back.  After everything I've researched about how they operate and steal our money im a stupid idiot.  Do I start off as day one again or just write it off as a silly slip up and carry on 🙁 feeling disgusted with myself and ashamed.  


Boo boo :

Posted : 10th July 2019 4:44 pm

If you have gone back once and won, you will return again. Unfortunately, from my experience you never stop on a win as you don't see it as being an issue because you haven't been financially damaged and see it as being okay to do. It takes a bad beat for you to realise what you are doing is wrong so I suggest you start again and get yourself in a chat room or meeting as soon as possible.

Posted : 11th July 2019 5:47 pm

Hi boo

I'm in the same boat as you, I went over 4 weeks without going in the bookies or even wanting to go in but 2 weeks ago I found myself in front of a fobt machine and still don't know why I ended up there again. 

I put in XX and would have lost it all like I usually do but somehow managed to get up to XX so left with that but I felt really awful that I had been back in so I give the winnings away to my sister cos I just didn't want it. 

I think one good thing that we can take out of it is that we both felt terrible after betting again so hopefully that's a good sign

Good luck mate 

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Posted : 12th July 2019 6:50 pm
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