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I stopped gambling on 10th of June.  Out if ten years I got to day 30 and was having a bad day.  Old ways whispered in my ear and went into there.  I managed to win enough by  some miracle and walked out.  I just can't believe I was stupid enough to go back.  After everything I've researched about how they operate and steal our money im a stupid idiot.  Do I start off as day one again or just write it off as a silly slip up and carry on 🙁 feeling disgusted with myself and ashamed.  


Boo boo :

Posted : 10th July 2019 4:44 pm

If you have gone back once and won, you will return again. Unfortunately, from my experience you never stop on a win as you don't see it as being an issue because you haven't been financially damaged and see it as being okay to do. It takes a bad beat for you to realise what you are doing is wrong so I suggest you start again and get yourself in a chat room or meeting as soon as possible.

Posted : 11th July 2019 5:47 pm

I'd recommend resetting your date count and starting again too.

Honesty with yourself and others is an important part of the recovery process. As many have repeated on here you need a strong foundation to build upon.

Many advocate no access to money, as I do myself, for at least a while, just means you can no longer act on those urges. Also allows the mind to slowly begin to realise the value of money over time.

Need to take each day at a time from now, and each morning look towards a positive day. I always sought to do at least one nice thing for someone else which helped, I feel, in me becoming a better person and bringing back pride in myself.


Posted : 12th July 2019 6:43 am

Hi boo

I'm in the same boat as you, I went over 4 weeks without going in the bookies or even wanting to go in but 2 weeks ago I found myself in front of a fobt machine and still don't know why I ended up there again. 

I put in XX and would have lost it all like I usually do but somehow managed to get up to XX so left with that but I felt really awful that I had been back in so I give the winnings away to my sister cos I just didn't want it. 

I think one good thing that we can take out of it is that we both felt terrible after betting again so hopefully that's a good sign

Good luck mate 

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Posted : 12th July 2019 6:50 pm
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