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I came clean last sunday  

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Good morning everyone ive been gambling for about 2 years on and off  on slots online bingo this last 12 months been the hardest my husband found a letter last Saturday with a ccj and went mad Sunday morning we had a blasing row and I came clean about everything I have got us in to debt with almost everything 😢 he was leaving me he was brought up with nothing and vowed to give me everything he works so hard and I've done this to him 💔  he's given me a chance to come clean and to be honest about the debt we are in but because I thrown letters away I really don't know the full extent to my problem hes given me a week to deal with it all I phoned my gp yesterday to explain my deep thoughts and hes given me a sick note for 2 weeks and some anti depression medicine to help with my low thoughts work are morning me to talk to them but how can I explain when I'm so ashamed the steps I've took so far I've used gamban to block all sites so I'm 6 days gamble free and it feels great I never want to gamble again I just wanted to tell you about my story and get some advise from others thankyou for reading im going to try to update every day as its got to be easier than feeling so alone 

Posted : 8th May 2021 10:53 am
Forum admin

Dear Reach for help,

Welcome to the Forum and thank you for sharing what has been recently going on for you.

It sounds like it has been very tough with your Husband finding out about your gambling and for yourself having to confront the debts.

However, well done for coming clean to him – that is a positive and a very big step to recovery. It is also good that you have been to your GP to discuss this. The fact that you have some time off as well as the medication sounds useful for you.

I know that sometimes it is hard to know where to start after so much has happened however seeking support is the best thing you can do. You are not alone in this and there is plenty of support you can choose from. It is great to see that you have started with blocking software such as GamBan and you are already gamble free for 6 days. We can talk you through some more options available, including 1-to-1 treatment, by calling us on our HelpLine on 0808 8020 133 or reaching us via the live chat. Both available 24/7.

You described having some deep thoughts. Although you did not mention what these were, if you feel like talking to someone about them you can contact Samaritans on 116 123.

Additionally, if you feel you need some more help regarding the debts, you can contact Step Change on 0800 138 1111 or the National Debt Line on 0808 808 4000.

Take care,

Forum Admin


Posted : 8th May 2021 11:38 am

Hi, massive well done for coming clean, parts of your post stood out for me as very similar to myself. My husband found out like you I confessed all and going forward you will not regret that, as the lies, the deceit are what keeps us gambling.....that big win that's going to pay off all the debts and then no one will ever know..... It's all a big fat lie I won enough to pay a big chunk off....I did....and then I gambled it all again and more!! It's a sickness and at the moment your mental health is bad....You can get better with hard work and staying away from gambling. You have made good to the advisors here they are awesome and can give you advice arrange counselling for advice would be to do really helped....You need someone to talk to, all the distress you are feeling. You can do this , June 5th this year will be a year since I reset my life. I won't sit here and tell you it's easy it's not but now good days massively outweigh bad days....and the peace of mind I have now is priceless !! Dig deep find the determination to do this , take care of yourself, you've made a mistake but it does not define who you are as a person

Posted : 8th May 2021 2:21 pm
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