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I have been gambling for 10 years roughly ,the last five have been the hardest thing i have had to deal with. Took out a loan to cover my debts and said to myself no more gambling , thought i could get help online but just read little pieces of info. Didnt even know i had a problem and certainly didnt know about Gamcare. Went 6 months without a bet but soon succumbed and placed a couple of bets while my partner was in hospital.

Fast forward five years and even with a couple of dry spells i couldnt shake the habit. Took out another loan last april and was back to square one and i still didnt engage with Gamcare . Two weeks ago the dreaded news that my partner wanted to leave me , it was a devastating blow didnt see it coming either which i am still coming to terms with. With 2 children as well 10 and 12 ,im not sure how i am going to get through this. 

Even though i hadnt had a bet since last april i was still in the zone and it didnt help that i would miss family occasions or not pull my  weight around the house .Christmas and New Year were very stressful and this is were i have now ended up.

Got on to Gamcare and started speaking to a counsellor ,she put me on the right track ,and after reading these stories i now know i am on the right path. I had to tell my parents and brother who have been so supportive and are trying to understand . Even my partner has said she will support me ,her family did not take the news so well and have cast me adrift , i hope to apologise to them if i ever get a chance.

Going forward i have my first face to face session tomorrow and hopefully can gain some strength from it.

Will keep you posted on my recovery.

Posted : 22nd January 2020 7:40 pm
Recovery Russ

Good to see you on chat tonight. Keep coming back 👍

Posted : 22nd January 2020 9:16 pm
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