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Here we go …  


Today day 1 , and I will take it one at a time , just want something come back to everyday and jus type or write when my head tries get best of me , thanks 

Posted : 22nd June 2021 11:28 am

Hiya Skinnyfat. Congratulations on deciding to stop gambling.

We know how it feels because we all started our recovery on day one. The gamble free days soon add up though and as we get further away from the last bet than things can look better.

Great idea of yours to write in your diary. It can help to express how we are feeling.


Aum 🙏

Posted : 23rd June 2021 8:37 am

day 2 , going well , very productive day. Getting a lot done around the house which feels good . Skint until payday but doesn’t really matter to be honest as everything is in good order. Have a nice few things to look forward to aswell , trying to keep myself calm busy and relaxed while expressing more gratitude.

Posted : 23rd June 2021 3:08 pm

Hi Skinny fat, congratulations on taking the first step and 2 days gamble free 🙂 I’m still at the beginning of journey myself and can’t give too much advice, although I’ve now reached 52 days, but I would like to comment and say good luck. It does get easier and it’s true what everyone says, one day at a time is the easiest way to look at it. Keep going 🙂 

Posted : 24th June 2021 10:25 am
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