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Here again  


Had a little bet the weekend gone and turned that in to a little bit of profit and since then been betting all week and turned it to a nice bit of profit over 1000 pound which to me I was well happy and over the money a lot of money to me but for some reason it wasn't enough and today I've bet it all I'm ashamed of my self and its the first time in ages I started crying over it that's how gutted I was 

I don't want this to happen again and I feel really low at the moment now what was a happy mood this morning and now I'm down and disappointed with myself 


Posted : 27th November 2020 11:16 am
Forum admin

Dear @ashleycarver1992

Thank you for sharing this with the forum. Your post shows how gambling recovery can be a rocky one and that although unintended, lapses can happen.

This does not however mean that you are back at square one, now it’s about building on your recovery and moving forwards.

I can understand your disappointment but I would encourage you not to dwell on this but to use the understanding that you have gained recently to reach that goal that you mention of this not happening again.

Being gamble free is achievable but not easy. If you would like to talk about ways that might help you in the next steps that you take then please talk with one of our Advisers, we are here 24/7.

Kind regards


Forum Admin

Posted : 27th November 2020 11:27 am

@ashleycarver1992 This almost feels like a waste of time posting but 2 months ago, 4 months ago and 6 months ago you posted similar things. I and others offered advice, asked questions to try and engage you and every time you have vanished, only to reappear like now.

Do you see a pattern emerging? There is a saying along the lines of "insanity is doing the same thing every time but expecting a different outcome ". 

I don't care if you talk to me or someone else but you need to start engaging with the group, make some changes to your life and maybe you might get a different outcome, otherwise you'll be back here again with the same rhetoric.

It takes 5 minutes a day to log onto here, put up a little post, maybe think about others and what they're going through, maybe be supportive, and you might find by giving back to others you help yourself.

Or don't and get some of the same. Your choice.


Posted : 27th November 2020 1:13 pm


Agree with Chris' post.

You are here because you are an addict and hopefully you have accepted this. It's time to start doing something about it as it will never get better! Gambling is only available to you if you have all of the following:


What have you put in place to remove at least one of these? Without one of them you cannot gamble. Have you banned yourself/signed up to Gamstop? Have you asked someone to look after your money? etc... the list of options goes on.


Posted : 27th November 2020 1:32 pm

I know the feeling, 8 months gamble free for me.

I went through similar phases, deposit, profit would grow through the course of the week, betting was in my favour and then one day you just hit back luck and in the matter of minutes you find yourself with £0 balance glaring at you... you then hate yourself, what ifs etc...

and then the cycle repeats...

Going by the responses here, it sounds like a common theme and despite reaching out for the support you seem to ignore it? You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t think you had a problem and should be taking action to help yourself.

Posted : 27th November 2020 2:48 pm

Hi ashleycarver, would you have posted on here today if you had carried on winning? I hope one day you post not because you have lost a lot of money but because you want to give up gambling and want help to do so. 

Posted : 27th November 2020 7:27 pm


We dont give up on people and you know you are always welcome here but come on now......your post reads like a gamblers diary and you just dont like losing.

Are you ready to stop this. I understand your confusion but the question is do you? I know why the money is never you?

Who have you told thats close to you? What have you done to keep your money safe?  Your whole talk is playing it down like you havent done much wrong...."little bet"...."little bit of profit"...."nice bit of profit"..."well happy"

Then comes the confusion that you dont actually like could it all go wrong...... but you are not dealing with the core problem of addiction..

We cant stop you from here and nobody can force you if you are not ready. When is your rock bottom moment because you addiction has you in its comfort zone. At this very moment your addiction is thinking of the dopamine in getting that money back. Its telling you next time will be soothing.. next time will ease your time will be better just like any drug addict.

ONLY IT WONT on those odds and you are spiralling downwards. gambling is a mugs game...a losers game...which part of that dont you understand?

Gambling is clearly easily available to you despite blocks you mention in the NO effective blocks need some tough love and tough talking

How can we get through to you?...tell us. I agree with the comments above. You need help but you have to be ready to act. I would stop you but I can clearly see you are not ready to do whats needed.

Dont make me think Im wasting my wishes to become gamble free!

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Posted : 27th November 2020 8:45 pm

The fore mentioned posts by people that actually care are all true. You won't engage,  think you are using site to have a moan when you lose!!!. Can't see one post where you have encouraged anyone in any supportive way. It really annoys me people that only see themselves,  like it's only happening to them. Night after night they ask for advice then have a go when they get it. People on here offer sound advice and support but if you're not willing to take it then stop asking.  Put the blocks in place. Make a real effort if not gambling is what you want to achieve. Stop being defensive when you are offered help and advice nor the excuses as I only bet a little / I've got access to someone else's account /bad day made me do it ect ect. If you want to stop then we will help, if you want to come on here just to moan about why you can't give up then in the words of dragons den :I'M OUT:.  look honestly in the mirror and ask yourself what you want and how can you achieve it. Many will agree with my post and many won't and they'll pat you and say there there.  If that's what you want fine. Go with that something about it while you can.

Posted : 27th November 2020 10:18 pm

@ashleycarver1992 What's happening? It's been 10 days since your post, are you helping yourself? I'm here to help if you need it.


Posted : 7th December 2020 1:06 pm

Fantastic Post Chezzy,

Reinforces what I've believed for a long time. Being sick of loosing & being sick of gambling are 2 different things.


Posted : 11th December 2020 11:39 pm
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