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Has your Gambling Addiction got you into financial troubles?  


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Posted : 27th July 2017 7:18 pm

Also on Twitter and facebook @conradnose

Posted : 29th July 2017 9:49 am

Hi conrad.

I have taken interest in your thread since it appeared a month or so ago, I think your blog is very informative and I wish you well in continuing it and hopefully you will see more subscribers in the future. in 2012,2013 I remember a fella coming to the forum with a similar idea his name was roger radler,sadly his blog just ceased to exist without notice and he disappeared without explanation.

I would love for you to contribute here more about your own gambling issues, what form of gambling you were addicted to and more of the story of your gambling life because I believe that more folk would find an attachment to your good self.

My own story is I am personally addicted to gambling in person and specifically anything that comes in an electronic format, it started with fruit machines and progressed to the fobt. I have never gambled online in any format, in fact I often state that I am a mechanical man in a digital world!

I believe sharing the depths of our addiction gifts ourselves great therapy and equally fellow compulsive gamblers.

Because sadly for me too often the persons who are highlighted in the media as gambling addicts are those on six figure salaries and not the everyday folk it equally effects.

I was once asked in a GA room

Which is worse the fella who has millions and wages thousands or the window cleaner who was sent out with the dirty washing to the laundrette and instead gambled the few pounds That was needed for essential living? ?

For me and everyone else in the room the answer was neither because the outcome is equally destructive is it not.

I have often felt that the world only judges all too often folk who lose vast amounts, when in truth gambling addiction effects folk of all walks of life.

I see equal value from anyone looking to recover from this all consuming addiction.

Again I wish you every success and hope that it reaches the audience it warrants from your efforts.

Regards Duncan

Posted : 29th July 2017 6:25 pm

I appreciate the feedback Duncan. I'll be typing up a post in the next few days.

Posted : 30th July 2017 10:39 am
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