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Groundhog Day  


So it happened again....

I've just checked the last time I posted here was in August last year after managing a measly month being gamble free.

So I've basically being gambling again since then.

I've made quite a bit of money with work in the past year and actually managed to pay off all of my previous gambling debts, which is a positive however I've also wasted the rest of it on gambling which I'm hugely disaapointed about.

I'm registered with GamStop, which has helped with the major bookies but after finding alternative sites that require no KYC it's now a huge issue because even if I close my account and self exclude there all I need to do is create another account.

As I've stated before, any software based blocks won't work for me, I'm an IT professional and would circumvent them within minutes. 

The only way I can proceed now is with pure self control/motivation and that scares me. 

I find this forum a huge help, last time I was visiting it everyday and that really made a difference, as soon as I stopped visiting I started the gambling again. My goal needs to be to stay focused and visit this site daily and update diary.

Thanks for your time if you read this 🙂

Here's to day 1!




Posted : 5th May 2021 10:21 am

Hi, I remember you being on the forum before, and I get that you find it easy to circumvent blocks. What other things have you tried? You need to do something different, have you someone you could give control of finances to or complete transparency of finances that would give you that accountability for your actions. Coming here at least daily usually more has always helped me focus and stay current with my addiction. I'm 11 months gamble free but reading daily proves to me that the demon is always there waiting to knock. At the moment it's far from me but now and again it gets close and I'm really tested and at those times im grateful for gamstop and my husband controlling our finances. No money to gamble ......big safety net, easier to get those thoughts away. Just my thoughts and experience, hope you find a way, you need to find a way.....debt paid off that's great but if you keep gambling sadly it won't last. Take care

Posted : 5th May 2021 11:41 am


Thank you for the post and congratulations on your awesome achievement, I'm hoping I can get to a point where it's been months rather than days. 

I deal alot with crypto currency and alot of the gambling has been with that, it's hard for me to give anyone control of that due to its nature, the only person I could give access to it wouldnt have a clue. 

I'm already thinking why did I make this post today when there is football on tonight, I could have started "being good" tomorrow. 

I 100% agree I need to find a way that will work but it's very difficult to find a working solution that I know I can't bypass. At the moment the only thing can stop is my self. I know for a fact that while I'm posting here I won't gamble, but I need to ensure I keep it up

Posted : 5th May 2021 12:27 pm

So managed a full day yesterday without a bet, one day at a time. Quite proud because with the Chelsea match on I would have 100% had one. 

Posted : 6th May 2021 9:30 am

You won because you did not bet. Small victories mount up to bigger ones, keep going one day at a time

Posted : 6th May 2021 11:24 am
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