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Well its been 10 months since i told my husband that i was gambling heavily. What a day that was. Very emotional. I had to tell him as i was using the business account to gamble. He never looked at the bank statements so i was getting away with it. However the bank manager spotted these transactions- luckily for me really. I had to stop otherwise they would close the account. I had stopped my own bank cards due to gambling. My husband now has charge of the bank card and i have never seen it or want to see it. I have a Monzo account and they are BRILLIANT. I have a limit of £120 a day for food and clothes. I am unable to gamble as there is a gambling block and i have registered with Gamstop. I wish I could bottle this feeling and sell it on. I feel free for the first time since 14 years. I am never looking back and this Christmas is going to be special. I can spend money now without feeling guilty. GIVE UP now please don’t wait and say one more go do it NOW

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Topic starter Posted : 2nd December 2021 10:45 pm

Hey and well do e on your journey  so far!


I identified  few key elements in your successful  recovery  - finally  opening  up to loved one, physical  blocks and the magical freedom you are feeling  this Christmas.  

Combination  of these can only help you move forward in  your journey  to more fulfilling  future. Plus, there are  many more avenues on a way to help you stay stopped.  Keep on going  - you deserve  it!


Ps. Very generous  daily limit from Monzo, over here I'm limiting  mine to like £20 a say (not even every day).🙃


Keep on the straight  and narrow,  good things will keep coming!


S&B xx

Posted : 3rd December 2021 5:37 pm

Thanks very much for your kind words. You have to want yo stop and this happened 10 months ago 😄😄

Topic starter Posted : 4th December 2021 7:00 pm
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