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Hi all,

I wanted to share my story on here, in the hope it will help others and also keep my mind focused.

I stopped gambling, and have not had a bet since, 4th July 2013. I mainly bet on roulette (bookies and online) but also would bet on sports.

I remember the day that my gambling all came out. I was living off payday loans, I had sold my car and 2 days after payday, before any bills were paid, my bank balance was next to nothing (this included an overdraft). I was walking to the train station, knowing I had no money for a ticket so I opened another payday loan website. I got all the way through to being accepted, I just had to click on agree and the funds would have been there. For some reason, I couldn't click that button. I broke down, sat at a bus stop in tears. I decided to call my mum and once I started talking, I couldn't stop. I told her everything. I also asked for money to be able to cover rent and bills for the month. She said she would call me back. 5 minutes later, she called back after speaking to my Dad. They had agreed to lend me the money but they would only transfer it to my fiancГ©s account. At the time, this was the worst thing possible but in hindsight, was the best thing for me. I have absolutely no doubt that I would have continued to gamble had they sent that money straight to me.

When I got home, I told my partner. She burst in to tears, shouted some obscenities and crashed around for a bit. Then she sat down next to me, looked me in the eye and said 'WE will get through this' I was shocked. I was certain that she would have kicked me out, and I would have deserved that.

She got straight on the internet and found the closest GA meeting. It happened to be that night and 5 minutes from my house. She drove me up there and I froze. I couldn't get out the car. She forced me in to that room and it is possibly the best thing she has done for me.

I attend the meetings every week I can (possibly missed half a dozen in 16 months) and they have been a massive help.

Shortly after starting the meetings, I was sacked from my job. I deserved it, I was a useless employee for the 18 months I'd been there. 2 hour lunch breaks in the bookies, always on my phone gambling and never got work done on time. I got another job within a few weeks and the complete change in my attitude has lead to a 10% pay rise, employee of the month, I've passed exams and progressed in my career. None of which would have been a possibility if I was still gambling.

As I've waffled on for long enough, I'll stop there for now. However, will go further in to any detail if anyone would like.

Thanks for reading


Posted : 26th November 2014 8:09 am

It happened to be that night and 5 minutes from my house


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Posted : 28th November 2014 8:35 am
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