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Degenerate X  


Day 1

Here I go again. 10th attempt at a successful recovery diary. After my last slip I gave gambling a swerve for 50 odd days, I found it very easy until recently when watching the World Cup I decided to have a bet. I thought its not horse racing or dogs so I should be able to control things. Nope. Despite winning more money than I put on. I lost out due to a last minute goal. I had already spent the money and was searching online for a last minute holiday when the goal went in. I was furious and went to collect my winnings and immediately spent the money chasing the money I felt I lost. I loaded the FOBTs with £50 bets on virtual dogs and soon started withdrawing from my debit and credit cards. I am hopeless. I knew what I was doing was stupid. Lost enough money to easily book a holiday. Sigh.

Posted : 1st July 2018 8:03 pm

Hi degenerate,

Recently, I have been having a lot of urges to bet due to World Cup talks from people and boredom at home. I was reading your old thread of 9th attempt and I realised I am feeling exactly you were feeling about urges lately. This desease is still inside me. Stay strong because you are not the only one with that desease.

Posted : 1st July 2018 9:19 pm

Hey bud keep your head up I’m sure this time around you’ve got this ! Change might be key 🙂


Posted : 2nd July 2018 1:48 pm

Much appreciate the kind words merlins and Sars!

Day 3

On Monday I managed to collect very small partial winnings on a bet I already placed without going all or nothing on some more bets. I never used to keep small winnings in my pocket. I always gambled again.

Posted : 3rd July 2018 7:48 pm

Day 1 tomorrow.

I let myself get roped into a small World Cup bet. A couple of drinks is no excuse and mates know I dont want to gamble. A small bet which had a small return in the end (£5). No big win or loss.

Going to wait till I have racked up a couple of months before starting another Diary.

Very disappointed. I need to stop thinking big sporting occassions mean I must have a bet. I dont enjoy the match and get angry when bets go awry.

Posted : 15th July 2018 7:11 pm
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