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Day 8 Recovery


I just reported for my shift and im extremely sad.Im sad because i keep on recalling or remembering vividly how i got myself into this situation.This has been a result of my coworkers talking about great plans they are having in their lives.I look at myself and think i have to deal with debt for the next three months.Im smiling in front of them but im hurting on the inside.While others are doing better,im dealing with my deamons.Im fighting a silent battle that nobody understands.I dont look forwad to my paycheck which makes it more painful because i have to be strong in the midst of my battles.Every smile is accompanied by a sharp pain in my heart.Sometimes i have nightmares from the whole experience.I know i am to blame for all of this.If there is someone reading this out there,gambling addiction is not good and it will put you in trouble.Stop now whilst you still have control over your financial and emotinal position.


P.S Jay(Still Alive and Kicking)

Topic starter Posted : 15th May 2022 5:03 pm
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