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Day 14 Gamble Free  


Hi all,

I'll try and keep this brief as I don't want to bore you all!

I'm a 30 year old male and have suffered a gambling addiction for about the past 7 years. I've gambled from the age of 16 but it only became an issue and compulsive about 7 years ago after I had been matched betting a while.

I made quite a lot of money from matched betting at the start but the profits quickly drop and I began to take risks and not lay all bets. I started to then lose money and start chasing which is where the spiral always starts. 

Within a year I had run up a substantial amount of debt which I'm still paying off now as for the last 7 years when I could have being paying more of it off I have still been gambling.

I've not been as bad the past few years but I do still have a problem. I've attempted to stop many times in the past but never gone a period of more than two weeks without caving in (usually payday)

Except for now, I've managed two weeks and I'm actually proud of my self. I was paid yesterday and I've completely been able to control the urges. I can not believe how much more work I have also done in these past two weeks whilst working from home.

I hope it will last, I'm feeling positive as I've broken down the payday barrier that I have always stumbled on. I'm just concentrating now on getting debt free gradually rather than spending x amount of gambling each month thinking I'll win enough to pay off my debt.



Posted : 28th July 2020 6:27 pm

Hi, well done on 14 days. We all know the feeling of chasing losses which probably got most of us on  here in trouble. You sound positive and want to stop.

I am assuming this type of betting is online, if so have you put blocks in place to stop you being tempted. I would recommend registering with Gamstop and putting a blocker on your phone. I have installed Betblocker for 5 years so cannot access any gambling site even if I wanted to and am now 47 days gamble free.

Good luck and keep going!


Posted : 28th July 2020 8:50 pm
Forum admin

Dear @pointyhat

Thank you for posting on the forum and congratulations that you have now been gamble free for 2 weeks. I think that you should be very proud of yourself as it isn’t easy controlling your urges and you have achieved this and more.

You have already received some sound advice from another forum member but I would ask that you speak with us if you haven’t already done so. One of our Advisers would be able to offer help and support to enable you to continue on your road to recovery.

Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call on 0808 8020 133 or use our netline.


Kind regards


Forum Admin

Posted : 28th July 2020 9:25 pm

Hi pointyhat. Gambling is like a fairy tale and a nightmare rolled into one. You win you start off with good intentions pay things off save a little. Something in your brain sparks maybe we could win more a jackpot maybe . You lose you gamble again and again now you're chasing your loses you get into debt and then you're in the big spiral that you can't get out of. Sound familiar? It's familiar to us all here all at different stages, levels, types of gambling. Gamcare advisors give excellent advice on what other help is available to you. I was a daily gambler and I'm now 55days without gambling and I'm not ashamed to say that I've used everything available to help me. I started GA last night and I know that for me to stay gamble free that's what it will be, GA, this forum,  gamstop. I'm 54 now gambling has had me for 20yrs and for last 2years had me in a vice like grip, I do intend to give it any more of my life. Really well done for coming on here and stopping 2weeks already the days will soon mount up, don't be afraid to ask for help give yourself the best chance this time. Best wishes 

Posted : 28th July 2020 10:30 pm

Thank you all for your messages and advice. 

I have re-registered with GamStop after recently removing my previous exclusion. Unfortunately any software based blockers would not be any use to me as I'm an IT Professional and would be able to bypass it quite easily. 

I'm feeling good at the moment but I know this could soon change with an instance. 

I'm only addicted to sports betting, I've never been into any casino/slot games which I'm thankful for. 

Just reading some of the posts and threads on here are a huge help and I will hopefully keep this updated.

Posted : 28th July 2020 11:10 pm

Just a little update, still gamble-free which is good. This isn't the longest period I have ever been gamble-free but it is the longest period I have been since getting paid a few days ago.

I feel so much better at the moment, I noticed whilst watching something with my partner last night that it's so much more enjoyable watching it rather than constantly keeping on eye on goal updates. 

Posted : 31st July 2020 12:02 pm

Hi pointyhat .Well done, keep going. Enjoy the feeling of being more levelled and open to enjoying things other than as you say having money on it. A thought just popped into my mind I'll share. At my worst gambling I would still enjoy watching my son play cricket but I would mostly sit in my own world watching and gambling on my phone. I'm not ignorant I would speak to other people but not in any meaningful way. Since stopping gambling and cricket season being able to start I've enjoyed watching the game and enjoying the evening out with people who I now regard as friends have swapped phone numbers with !! Life is better, were phones actually meant for gambling on ? Hope you maintain your gamble free . Best wishes

Posted : 31st July 2020 12:24 pm
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