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Controlling gambling diary  

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Hi, reading throught his thread my opinion, for what it's worth, is that you are at the stage we all were when gambling too much and thinking we could control it knowing full well we couldn't and would keep going until the fateful day you breakdown and admit your addiction or, as in my case, being found out by my wife. Until this happens I feel you will carry on losing money thinking you are in control. It's not easy to stop as you will think what will I do with my time, but believe me and many others, the relief at not keeping this secret gives me more of a high than any gambling win ever did.

You can only choose your own way out so good luck

Posted : 17th October 2020 2:48 pm

Hey bradly.

im here because my partners a gambling addict.

I am a recovering addict alcoholic been on a journey for 18 years.

my personal exsperience is when I have tried to control it.I could for a while then it just got messy.

You may well achieve control you may find one day after not succeeding to stop.

my suggestion is just stick close to here find other recovering gamblers and be open minded to the posibility that you might not have all the answers. But its a journey. My honest exsperience for myself has been my life my health my finances my inner peace was only obtained from full abstinance.

good luck with your journey


Posted : 18th October 2020 1:45 am

Hi thanks for the support everyone one someone recommended checking in daily so that is the goad just a short note I haven't gamble yesterday and don't plan to tomorrow I wish you all a wonderful day and good luck with your journeys 🙂

Posted : 19th October 2020 8:57 am

another quick update to say I have been gamble free today and yesterday I hope everyone is ok and well

Posted : 20th October 2020 5:05 pm

i kinda sliped and started looking for online poker sites I have deleted them now I cant believe how hard it is to control the temptation


Posted : 20th October 2020 5:58 pm

@bbno3 If the temptation is so hard that you cannot go an hour from posting that all is good to looking for sites, break it down into smaller amounts of time.

When we first go into GA, the thought of never gambling again is too much for many to accept. I couldn't accept that, so in our books, it says that just for today I will do something for twelve hours that would appal me if I had to keep it up a lifetime. In other words, if I can get through today without gambling then I'll be okay. Just for today. If one day is too much just get through half a day. If half a day is too much just get through an hour.

Smash it out of the park!



Posted : 20th October 2020 10:10 pm
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