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Blocks are so important  


Recently took the decision to quit gambling, wasnt enjoying it anymore. Was losing too much money, not walking away when I was up. It's been playing havoc with my mind.

I've had a few relapses, I recently managed my first week, but unfortunately that's where it ended. Been on a bit of a spree since, but as write this, I've just come back from self excluding myself from the last place I could gamble. I've barred online, the bookies and now the arcades, no where for me to go unless I decide to travel some distance.

Its feels like some of the pressure is off. The last place was the arcade, I could never quit while this venue was available to me, now it's gone. Now I can quit and I can stay in recovery.

I've lost a lot of money, a lot of time, beat myself up and had my mind tortured, but now I feel that I can escape. I can see the light. The journey starts now.

Your journey can only start once you have self excluded from everywhere. 

Posted : 7th December 2019 7:26 pm

This is a great place to start your recovery.

You will find likeminded people with similar experiences who can give you the aha moments you will need to move forward in your life.

If I was to give you any advice I would say bgr the money. It's just there to scrw with your mind. We have lost piles of dosh. I first considered myself healthier when I could release the fact that I had lost so much cash earlier.

Cash is just part of the substance that we use to get high as gamblers. It is part of the trickery our brains use to reason that its ok to take out crazy loans to continue our repeat actions. It is addictive and must be looked at in the same way as your own addiction.

I am not saying it easy to just put it on the top shelf and get rid of, but your own views on money and what it can do for you as a person needs to be addressed and change for you to tackle your recovery in a better way.

Anyways. Best of luck in your recovery. The counsellors here a  great and will be able to help you on your way,

Gamban is for me the best blocker.

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Posted : 8th December 2019 7:46 am

Hi Miscjoe and Welcome.

Yes blocks are VITAL to the recovery process but equally as important are the openness and honesty to tell people close that you trust.

You are giving your mind a break so it can start healing. I am now crystal clear that gambling is like sticking my hand into the hottest fire or bath of molten metal.

Just pain and a totally undesirable activity. No upsides only misery and extreme pain. A mugs game.....a lie...a delusion which soon becomes and addiction for countless people

Its about doing the cold turkey. The urges will fade but you can never be complacent again. That is a positive statement which will strengthen you.

It helps if you can do more mental exercises. Gambling was never the answer to what you were seeking was it? My machine gambling was simply a shot in the arm of escape. A dangerous drug which was killing me

You can develop an new relationship with life and what you really need emotionally, spiritually and materially.

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

Posted : 9th December 2019 7:48 am
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