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Hi everybody I don’t know where to start really .. I’m 30yrs old now and was gambling since being a teenager. I’d gone in spurts of stopping gambling before but never really for a massive amount of time , until I found this site and then gamban via a appointment with my dr. It was the best thing I could of done by signing up to the site and the blocking sites as I currently sit at 768 days gamble free.

for years my now wife has suffered through with my gambling and helping to help me on the right track to deal with it all and it’s affected her too which I never used to think about and not just me but over a long period of time we’ve got into a really positive place with it all after a lot of suffering both mentally.

The journey to 768 current gamble free days hasn’t been a fairy tale though .. when I get annoyed now I just seem to get more angry than ever before almost like I can’t vent anymore as I used to vent through gambling so a few times over the 768 days when a argument pops up I just get really angry and shouty and when a argument really boils over I even start taking it out on our furniture by kicking the sofa etc and I never used to be like this before when I was gambling .. has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to help??

overall I’m very lucky enough my wife has been by my side through all my recovery so far as I wouldn’t of been able to do it without her , I just need to work on this last part of the puzzle to be 100% the person she deserves too look after her. We got married on the 28th of august and like I said if it wasn’t from the help of gamcare / Gamban that day would never of happened , so Thankyou !

Posted : 13th September 2021 10:08 pm

Congratulations on getting married and congratulations on being gamble free for 768 days that’s brilliant!

I two have noticed that my anger levels have increased and I have found writing poetry helps as it concentrates my thoughts more on words than aggressive actions. I guess we all need to find other coping methods which can help us be a better person deep down. May I suggest maybe a physical exercise may help to channel that aggression better or at least level it out. Maybe boxing training may do the trick.


anyways I hope this is of some help I am going swimming to vent off some most recent anger due to unplanned expenses on my car

all the best and keep it up being gamble free


dave 101

Posted : 14th September 2021 4:27 pm
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