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60 days and counting!!  


I am having a much calmer week, and cannot believe I’ve gone 60 days without gambling, the difference I feel in myself is on another level! I feel free and my head is clearer than it has been in 2/3 years! I’m motivated and have hope that I can continue to make progress! I’ve started contacting necessary people to start a degree in counselling young people with mental health problems and just being able to do that feels massive! Because before I would be consumed with thoughts about gambling, how to get money to gamble or how to cover up money I had lost! If I won which was not very often, I’d have the funds to sit for hours and keep gambling until my husband came in from work! 
day by day I’m feeling much stronger and it feels absolutely fantastic!

last week was a hard one and I found myself looking at a email from a big casino company saying I had money left in my account and they needed my details to refund it, I thought about checking if I could get into my account and then I caught myself having this stupid thought and stopped myself, before I would have been like ‘cool let’s go and bet it away’ I’m not going to bother with it they can have it because the chance I’ll get sucked back into it is too much and that isn’t worth it at all! 
I hope anyone reading this is feeling ok and positive about their own future without gambling and all the rubbish that comes with it, all the best xx

Posted : 10th July 2020 1:05 pm

Well done Jadie, it's nice when we have a good week isn't it.

Good to see you are making positive changes in your life and that you can now think about the gambling more rationally and pull yourself back from the urge.

 Thanks for helping pick me up from the black hole I was in the other week 

I hope you continue to move forward you are doing fabulously! Keep it up


Posted : 10th July 2020 1:22 pm

Well done jadie so pleased for you you are working hard at this and I'm glad you are having success. Declining to jump at that email shows that you are altering your thought patterns and that's what's going to keep you going

Posted : 10th July 2020 1:26 pm

Wow your doing great keep up all the great work 

Posted : 10th July 2020 3:25 pm

You sound really positive, keep it up

Posted : 10th July 2020 6:48 pm
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