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25 days GF  


I know it’s not much but I thought I’d write today as the last time my wife went out for the day on a Saturday I lost a big amount of money in the space of a few minutes. Now I’m GF the feeling has gone of waiting for her to go out and jumping straight onto roulette. Today she’s out all day so I’ve just been doing a few jobs around the house and cleaning. I have twins and the last time she left me I was on roulette and I look down as they were playing thinking what the hell am I actually doing. This money could be going towards an outing today but instead I’m throwing on a game. My wife has control of both my cards and she checks my bank for any gambling. The credit card is being paid off quicker then ever so that will be gone in a few months. 

I’ll give it a few months and post an update. 

Posted : 18th January 2020 11:25 am

Hi Hope,

As my name suggests, I am a roulette addict. I have not gambled now in 114 days and I feel amazing. So much better now that I am out of that crazy cycle. I have more money now than when I played and I often won big sums but it just led to losing bigger sums. 

You are doing amazingly well but you need to keep going. It takes time but each passing day, week and month will lead to you seeing for yourself that your life will become ultimately so much better without gambling. Focus on escaping this brutal addiction. 

Open your eyes to what you do have, focus on short term goals and be grateful that you will never again need or want to gamble.


Posted : 18th January 2020 12:03 pm
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