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2022 independence captured let's see how I do

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I hit a mental low point last night with negatives drawn out from my new lifestyle.  Negatives of not gambling and drinking are purely social.... Like not being invited to certain friends gatherings, not seeing certain poker buddies anymore and not drinking draws out many negatives throughout.....


However ivetook this chance to re readmy lastdiary just the start of it and it made me see clearly why I stopped all those things.  Not drinking and gambling has made me better at my job and created less stress, it's made me think clearly and be able to make the best decision each time.


Due to these changes I've managed to keep my job... .do very well at my job.... Keep largely healthy..   see my family a lot more and be there for them.... Now I'm in the best position in my life for my next chapter . ......  One that's about to unravvel on here so I thought I'd start a new diary on here early to capture it....


Let's hope it's as successful as the last one.... There are allways ups and downs but you get that with life..... Let's so how it goes....... I'm looking forward to starting this new chapter as of the 2nd of December hitting the two year gamble free (barring one tv competition) then on the fifth of December renovating my flat and moving in for the 2022 chapter there's nothing new about living on my own but it is a definite new chapter with endless opportunities.


All the best adam123

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Topic starter Posted : 20th November 2021 5:12 pm

End of the weekend update.


This has left me quite low....I'd like to offer them advice but I truly can't think of any.


Hopefully stace will continue on her successful journey and feel better once again and Lou hopefully the same.


I'd like to spread positivity across this site but it contents and subject is Soo negative sometimes I'd like to take a break from it ..


All Just got to see the positives of this site with raising awareness of how to battle against these aweful things.


The earth so full of great positive things so just going to try to concentrate on the positive things for a while..... Think I'll take a break from chat for a couple of days....

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Topic starter Posted : 21st November 2021 9:37 pm

Permission to name me next time please 

Posted : 22nd November 2021 9:19 pm

I've posted on my diary which explains my recent behaviour,  I'm sorry if my words upset you in chat, il be more mindful with what I say both on my diary and chat. 

Your a top bloke and I'd hate to upset you. Your doing amazing in recovery and id hate for you to avoid chat due to upsetting words 💖

Keep being you, never change, your amazing 

Stace x

Posted : 23rd November 2021 6:31 pm

Ok stace no probs thought we could talk about people on our diaries.....was just in a bad place when I wrote it xxx

Topic starter Posted : 23rd November 2021 8:13 pm

You're a kind  & caring person Adam. Everyone knows that. I hope you're in a better place today.



Posted : 23rd November 2021 9:01 pm

Adam that wasn't the post I was on about. There's another one but its not been posted yet,  its not on mine either 

Posted : 23rd November 2021 9:04 pm

Scroll up adam, my post is there now xxx

Posted : 23rd November 2021 9:41 pm

Ah ok, you didn't upset me in chat stace, I was upset beforehand about something else.


Lovely to be cared for Soo much by you lovely people, I love those messages....


A great start to my new diary xxx


Rock and roll.


Work has been going super well still, I'm literally loving it.


I've got a holiday Friday so may go and see ghostbusters ....  We will see

Ten more days of work and I'm then off for most of December, get my flat in two weeks yesturday so that's come up quick ....


Let's rock and roll into December and celebrate a successful year.


All the best


Thanks for caring Soo much


Adam xxx

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Topic starter Posted : 23rd November 2021 9:53 pm

Hello diary..... ive had a mixed couple of days.... works been going great.... ive just looked at doing a timetable for the december period when im off and im training a new porter next week..... then im off from the nineth of managers still been off sick, we will see if he's back next week but to be honest im fine soo far so im sure ill be fine till im off .


Been looking to get a laptop over the past couple of months for my flat.... i found the one i wanted in pc word so as i get discount with them i got a gift card loaded up last motnh and wnet to buy it but it ran ot of stock... so ive had a gift card with 369 on it for a month.... so i thought id wait till black friday and went in today and looked round and found the same one on offer again for the same price of 369.... so thought great and went to buy it one left in stock thought even better..... when we went to till he saifd he could give me more discount and gave me 6.90 off itagain i thought being gullable great and didnt look at the receipt.  When i  got home looked on thier website and they are giving an extra ten percent off today so 36.90 off the 369.... so looked at my receip t and he has taken off the extra ten percent without telling me as a price promise like they have to thenadded a set up cost of 30 pounds and not told me about that either..... absolutely teriibleso i have got home and have to wait for the store to phone me back to give me that 30 pounds back so i can then open up the laptop and enjoy it.  Once thats done tho i will get a switch game for one of my nephews with it for christmas so thats really good...  Kind of meant to be tht i went today i think...


so ive got thechromebook on my table in lounge waiting to be opened nad enjoyed..


8 more days at work till my holiday and cant wait.... ill barely enjoy this weekend off as im counting the days till my big break...

Topic starter Posted : 26th November 2021 9:32 pm

I've just edited my non gambling day count as I think counting a one off two pound itv tv competition I entered not thinking it was gambling is a bit of a stretch!!!. ...... So as of now this Wednesday marks my two year gamble free day as I'm on day 725 today and two years is 730.


I'm really looking forward to celebrating it and then looking forward to Christmas and new years!!!!!  All of the hard work I've put in over the course of those two years even in the two years prior to that I've managed my budgeting very well and gamcare and the forum has helped massively with encouragement and advice......


I'm truely very lucky and am thrilled to have come Soo far.... We all have!!!!.....  Thru these years the regulars and then the newcomers have come in a dark place seeking help and have found it .   I'm a prime example that it can take time on here to get it right but once you do the rewards are there.....


I've seemed to be healthy and I feel a lot more mentally if not physically well..... My physical health is a continual battle but mentally I'm in a better place than in 2015 when I came to this site.....


All the best let's celebrate all that this site brings us and have a lovely Christmas and new years......I'll be on the forum thru here and on chat throughout.


All the best Adam xxx

Topic starter Posted : 26th November 2021 11:45 pm

Hi Adam

Nearly 2 years gamble free that's amazing and it's a great achievement.You should be very proud of yourself

You have worked so hard to stay gamble free and the rewards from not gambling are surely so much greater than any win.

You always offer support to everyone and I'm sure everyone appreciate s it 

Its so good to see your life improve and I'm sure it will only get better.

I hope one day I will be able to finally stay gamble free!Something I'm determined to do and will put all my effort into it.

Im sure you will have a lovely Christmas

Hope you get everything sorted with your computer!

Take care 






Posted : 27th November 2021 10:10 am
Forum admin

Congratulations Adam123! And thank you for continuing to support others and update us on your progress on the forum.

Best wishes

Forum Admin

Posted : 27th November 2021 10:41 am

Hi angel and deirdre, thanks for taking the time to write on here.....  Thanks for the great comments.....


Spent today firstly watching new jumangi on Netflix.....didn't expect much but it was Soo funny... I loved it.


Then done my ironing..... Then printed out my spurs tickets for December....then paid my annual tax..... Hopefully I'll only have to do my self assessment tax return for one more year then I will just have income from work so won't have that hassle anymore....


Can't wait to use my new Chromebook as I'm hoping for it to be much quicker.


Then I spent an hour looking at photos of lounges and decided on what I want my lounge to look like for buying flooring, paint and sofa....


Now next some sleep then my last full week of work before Christmas..... Can't wait to get some clear time off.... I'll get lots done along with resting up and having a break from it all.


Work is great but I need to remember to focus on non work things and I've definitely done that this weekend.


Finances and health kick going great, not spent a lot this month, spent just thirty pounds on going out, fifty pounds on spurs ticket, Christmas presents bought at great prices with my work discounts.... And got the Chromebook in the end for 307 quid when it started at 500.. . 


Really looking forward to my two year gamble free point on Wednesday.... Will certainly be on chat and I've bought an apple strudel to have with ice cream on Wednesday night.....small simple pleasures are the best.


Next weekend I'll go floor shopping to see what I'd like for the laminate flooring I'm thinking maybe a jigsaw type look herringbone but if it's expensive I'll prob go for something cheaper.....  


Then sofas go on sale second december so I'll visit dfs in good time for that and order for delivery after floors done and redecorated 


Lots to do but my folks are older and wiser and planing is their speciality so everything will be done in good time.


All the best Adam xxx

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Topic starter Posted : 28th November 2021 10:12 pm

In 2.59 hours time ill hit the 2 years gamble free it looks like ive made it horray:


It's faid to say without this website, mods, forum friends , a lot of encouragement and a lot of choice harsh words i woluld not have made it past the first week gamble free.....


Thank you for everything all of you....


ooo 2.56 hours now and the countdown begins..... roll on midnight and the moment my day count hits 730....


Soo much to be thankful for in life and so many great times ahead...... lets enjoy the rest of this year.


I'm going to strive to make 2022 even better than 2021 but i dont know how i can...


Rock and Roll.


Lots of love Adamxxx

Topic starter Posted : 30th November 2021 9:07 pm
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